SOFTUB 220 Gallon 4 Seater Legend

Model T220

Classic Perfection in Hot Water Fun
Providing soft, cushioned comfort for up to 4 people, the Legend is the perfect combination of versatility and full features. Four hydrotherapy jets churn 220 gallons of warm bubbling water throughout the Legend's 6 ft. diameter. (Height: 24 inches, 220 gallons).

Imagine the ability to take a short vacation any time you really need one, with no reservations required! The Softub 220’s cushioned comfort allows you and up to three additional people to enjoy the hydrotherapy of five pulsating jets. The perfect addition to any home, the Softub 220 fits into any décor, with your choice of five standard designer colors. And don’t let concerns about high energy bills stop you from enjoying the comfort of this spa: as with any Softub, the 220 is a truly energy efficient portable hot tub.

  • Capacity/People: 1-4
  • Outer Diameter: 72”
  • Inner Diameter 60”
  • Height: 24”
  • Number of Jets: 5
  • Empty Weight:
    • Tub: 70 lbs
    • Thermal Lid: 20 lbs.
    • HydroMate II: 45 lbs.
    • Gallons: 220
  • Filled Weight: 2000 lbs


Heats Without a Heater!
Softub HeaterThe HydroMate ll heater / pump units heats your Softub’s Water using only the waste heat from the pump motor! This Eliminates expensive heaters, and dramatically reduces hot tub operating costs.

Operating in 120 Volts!
All Softubs can be plugged into a standard 120Volt, 15Amp outlet, Using the cord mounted GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) for Electrical safety. As simple as that!

Ozone Water Sanitizing!-Optional
You can also purchase a Softub model with a water sanitizing unit built directly into the HydroMate ll pump!*

This system automatically utilizes ozone to oxidize contaminates in the water during heating and filtration cycles, for sparkling clean water. Can also be manually disabled when desired. Simply brilliant!