Softub Efficent and Affordable

Heat without a Heater
Incredible but true, unlike most hot tubs, we don't use a resistance heater in the Softub. Instead, we utilize a revolutionary heat recovery system, which uses the heat created by the pump motor to heat the water. This heat exchange system is both more reliable and much more energy efficient. No more expensive spa heater to purchase! In addition, the state-of-the-art molded foam shell and easy-to-attach insulated connection hoses retain the heat and reduce noise. All Softubs meet the stringent energy requirements as set forth by the California Energy Commission (CEC). In a climate with an average 65 degrees temperature, the typical Softub requires only 2kW hours of electricity per day to stay at 104 degrees and ready for use. That's quite a savings!

Plug Into a Standard 110 Outlet
Your Softub® Spa can be plugged into any standard 110v, 15 Amp outlet!

Smart Chip
Softub could easily be called Smartub because its Smart Chip can recognize low power situations and shut off your tub before any damage can be done. When it senses a voltage drop it will shut down completely, and when voltage returns to a normal level Smart Chip turns everything back on to the old settings. After a power outage, Smart Chip automatically resets at 100 degrees. Thanks to Smart Chip, you can run all electric appliances like you normally do without fear of damaging your tub.

The cord mounted ground fault circuit interrupter provides electrical safety. If the wiring within the house is not grounded properly, the GFCI will trip, cutting the power to the tub.

Locking Covers
All of Softub Split-Lid covers are equipped with locking straps and built in accordance to ASTM Standards, provided that they are installed properly.