Softub Benefits Stress


Stress is not necessarily good or bad. Some amount of stress is a natural part of life and our bodies are equipped to deal with it. When a situation we perceive as stressful arises, our bodies release hormones such as adrenaline, that increase our heart rate and metabolism, raise blood sugar levels, and tense our muscles.

Stress becomes a problem when these “situations” occur frequently or over an extended period of time. A build up of stress-produced hormones in the body can cause lack of concentration, irritability and disrupted sleep. These symptoms then cause more stress that can lead to frequent headaches, ulcers, high blood pressure, insomnia, and reduced immunities.

Stress can come from anywhere; our jobs, society, even our family. Stress isn’t always the result of negative situation. Busy life styles, prosperity and positive life changes can add to stress levels. While we cannot avoid stress, we can manage stress and protect our health.

The hydrotherapy provided by a Softub spa offers the perfect combination of elements for healing the mental and physical effects of stress.

Taking Time for Yourself

Taking time to relax and letting your body recover from the efforts of the day is essential to relieving stress and truly enjoying life. In the warmth of a Softub spa, your blood vessels open up. The blood absorbs the warmth of the water and circulates the heat throughout your body. As the warmed blood circulates, it travels deeper into muscles, easing the tension. At the same time it carries nutrients to muscles and washes toxins out of the system. The adjustable jets in a Softub, provide directed, gentle massage to muscles, adding to your relaxaton.

To better prepare your body for sleep, medical experts advise a warm soak 2 hours before bed. A warm dip in a Softub spa is a healthy, long-term alternative to medication for improving your sleep patterns.


A regular exercise regimen is also a highly recommended and effective way to manage stress. Proper warm-up in a Softub spa can help prevent injury during exercise by loosening and stretching your muscles in preparation for a good workout. During exercise, muscles release lactic acid as an energy source. Buildup of lactic acid during exercise contributes to soreness and fatigue.

A 15-minute hydromassage in a Softub spa after exercising is an effective way to help prevent muscle stiffness. The massaging effect and improved blood flow facilitate the removal of the lactic acid from your system. As most professional athletes know, relieving the “pain” and improving the “gain” of exercise can help you to keep a regular exercise routine