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Softub Articles | Montana Softub

Softub Articles

  • Softub Eco Advantage - Green, Greener, Greenest

    Softub Green Technology allows you to run a hot tub at much less cost than the hot tubs on the market today. At under $10 a month, you can afford to find out more about owning this superior soaking experience.

  • Softub - Energy Efficient

    Softub meets the highest standards of energy efficency. Compare to the standard hot tub and you will see why Softub out sells hot tubs in these energy conscious and budget conscious times.

  • Hot Tub Vs Softub Costs

    Hot tub costs can be high, but Softub costs are reasonable. Find out more.

  • Softub Benefits Stress

    Softub benefits folks that suffer from extreme stress by allowing them to relax in the hydrotheraputic waters.

  • Softubs Benefit Diabetics

    Softub and Diabeties. People with Type 1 diabetes may develop joint stiffness and limited mobility. Hydrotherapeutic massage in a Softub spa is an excellent method for relieving both the pain and stiffness of sore joints.

  • Softub Health Benefits

    Softub has many benefits to your health. The Arthritis foundation says that Hydrotherapy is very beneficial to many ailments.

  • Softub Meets Stringent Efficiency Regulations

    Softub Arrticle about meeting CA regulation standards.

  • Softub vs Acrylic Tubs

    Softub versus Acrylic Tubs. Compare the features and benefits of owning a Softub spa to the limitations of an acrylic hard tub.

  • Finding the Best Therapy Tub For You

    Hot tubs can be found in a variety of sizes, from those perfect for just two to those that are "party" size and that can fit a dozen or so people at once.

  • The Health Benefits of Softubs

    Are you considering a home hot tub? There's probably no feeling in the world like slipping into the warm and soothing waters, turning up the jets, and feeling the bubbles envelope you

  • Softub is Praised by Arthritis Today magazine

    Softub is praised in Arthritis Today magazine as a great hydrotherapy spa for arthritis sufferers. Our 2 person 140 model is ideal for in home use. Many users have them in their bedrooms. At only 45 pounds it is easy to set up and move.