SoftSparkle Multi-Color LED Light

10 Different Lighting Effects For Your Tub

The SoftSparkleTM Multi-Color LED Light is easy to use

Depressing the light button turns the light on. The light is programmed for 10 different light modes. The light will turn on in the same mode in which it was last set. Turning the light off and on within 10 seconds will advance it to the next mode. Light modes include:

  • White
  • Spectrum Slow Dance (slow fade through the color spectrum)
  • Sunburst (yellow and orange glow)
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Magenta Fade (pink, blue and red glow)
  • Tidal Fade (blue and green glow)
  • Afterburner Fade (red, orange, yellow pink and purple glow)
  • Color Burst (strobe effect through color spectrum)

SoftSparkle LED Download