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How easy is it to purchase a Softub?

We are available by phone at your convenience. Softubs are made to order to your color specifications. Since Softub plugs into a 110 outlet, does not require a special concrete slab or other preperation, you can purchase and intall your Softub in no time. Along with the 5 year warrenty, you have everything you need to begin enjoying your Softub by just contacting us. To minimize overhead, we do not maintain a store front we sell direct from the factory to you- this is reflected in lower prices. For the best price on Softub spas please call Montana Softubs at 877-515-7119 email us. We respond to all inquires.

You will find our tubs to be a great value because:

  1. Softubs are portable (all models less than 75 lbs empty)
  2. Softubs work on any 110 standard household outlet
  3. Softubs cost less than $10.00 a month to operate
  4. Softubs can go anywhere, inside or out, without expensive site preparation
  5. Softubs are made to go outside and will work at 20 below zero
  6. Softubs are completely recycleable
  7. Softubs heat to 104 degrees without a heater
  8. Softubs are the perfect solution to your home hydotherapy needs
  9. Softub is also renewable and recyclable, making the product truly sustainable compared to any other brand. In addition, Softub, Inc. is a green manufacturing facility, where no harmful VOC levels are present