Why Buy From a Softub Dealer?

We speak to people all the time that thought they were getting a deal, when they purchased their Softub off of eBay or other Internet sites. So we know the trouble, err, HOT WATER, you are getting into should you choose to go that route.

It is of great value that as a prospective Softub purchaser that you choose to buy from your local authorized dealer. Softub dealers are able to offer face to face advice and personal after-sales support.

Since dealers have exclusive areas that they work in, they know your climate and conditions that you will be running your Softub under and can give valuable advice. It is easy to get to know your dealer because he is your neighbor and lives in your state or region. You will be able to get to know and trust them to provide you the best advice and selection.

Since your Softub spa will likely be a focal point for friends and family. Choosing it carefully will ensure your enjoyment and pride of ownership for years to come.

We know it is easy to be enticed by Softub spas offered on the Internet at very attractive prices. These retailers are not authorized by us and NO Softub dealer is allowed to sell on E-Bay. You cannot be assured that these are new, unused, first-quality products and that they can be delivered to you without damage. You may be unable to obtain follow-up service if required and you will not receive your 5 year warrenty that only a dealer can authorize.

To ensure your satisfaction, we strongly recommend that you deal with your local dealer. We here at Montana Softub will be honored to be your trusted Softub dealer and will work with you if you have budget problems as we have alternate sources of financing if desired.